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capito emailEver since I started using the iPhone, the simple need or task of sending text from the device to my computer always seemed one or two taps more complicated than it needed to be. While emailing yourself from your iPhone is not the worse or most taxing challenge in your day-to-day life, it seems that such an advanced smartphone should be able to make the process simpler.

Luckily a few solutions have been developed that work extremely well.

Capito – Email Yourself

If you’ve been a heavy iPhone user, you’ve no doubt emailed yourself reminders, notes, or directions to view later on your computer. The default email process is okay, but sadly Apple requires you to type your own email address each time you want to send an email. Even if you only have to type the first few letters of your email to get the address to auto-complete, it still feels redundant to go through those steps.

Well, a little well-focused app called Capito ($1.99) doe simply one thing; it enables you to email yourself with a single tap.

capito email

You set up the app by of course entering your email address (or someone else’s address that you email on a regular basis) in the settings, and you’re ready to go. When you launch the app, it presents you with a blank text page where you type your message, and if need be, add an attachment, such as a photo. When you’re done, simply tap the Send button.


Notice also there’s a little file drawer icon at the upper-left of Capito. When you tap on that you get an archive of all your recent messages. You can also selectively delete them.

Automatically Open Capito Email [Mac]

Okay, now let’s get even lazier. If you send an email to yourself, you no doubt intend to read it once you get back to your computer. But why go through the trouble of opening your Mail app, locating the Capito email and then having to click yet again to read it. Instead, take ten minutes to set-up a little Mail rule to carry out the process for you. Here’s how:

    • After setting up and sending yourself an email using Capito, click on it in your Mac Mail application. Now launch Mail Preferences (Command+Comma keys).
    • Click on Rules > Add Rule
    • Set up a rule to look like this:

send voice memo

  • All your Captio emails come from the same address, so you only need to add one condition.
  • Right below where it says, “Move Message,” click on that drop-down menu and select Run AppleScript.

send voice memo

  • Click the Choose button, and navigate to ~Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/Open Message.scpt. By default that script should be in the specified folder. If not, you can download it here; add it to your Script’s folder, and then add it to your rule.

send voice memo

  • Click OK and you’re set. The next time you send yourself an email using Captio, Mail will run that rule and open the message for you. That’s the way computers should work, so we don’t have to.


If even typing an email to yourself seems a little too much, an app called Instacorder (Free, $0.99) allows you to push and hold the center button and verbally record a message. As soon as you take your finger off the button, your recorded message gets automatically sent to your Mailbox.

email voice memos

From there you can download and open the recorded message, or you can simply click on Quick Look to hear your message played back to you.

capito email

Well that’s about as simple as it gets for now. Let us know what you think of these fast acting apps for the iPhone. For other iPhone related apps, check our articles here.

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