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self destructing messageFor whatever reason, you may have the need to send a secret message. Whether it’s for simply playing around, a message you don’t want to be saved forever, or sending the next secret tip to the CIA, there will eventually be a reason why you might want to do that. No need to worry, as we have the perfect solution right here. You won’t even need to get into all that fancy encryption stuff either.

About QuickForget

self destructing message

May I introduce you to QuickForget, an extremely simple way of sending nothing more than a secret message. The site is so simple in fact, that there is absolutely nothing else that you can do. You can’t even create an account, as there is no reason for you to do so. Instead making an account would remove the ability to be anonymous.

The Great Explanation

Simply put, you enter your secret message in the gray box and then include when the message should be deleted. You can choose how many views it can have and how many hours it should be kept, and the message will be deleted when one of the two is reached first. The self destructing message you enter can include whatever you want, including usernames and passwords. When you’re done, just hit “Save my secret” and you’ll be given a link that you can send to your recipient to retrieve the secret message.

self destructing email

When the recipient looks at the message, they will see the secret message. Towards the bottom of the page will be a nice notifier as to how much longer and for how many more views the secret will be saved. For example, once the secret has been viewed as many times as was allowed, the viewer will see something like this.


self destructing message

Looking for the “detailed” explanation? Sorry, there is none.


If you’re concerned about your privacy while using the website, no need to fear, as the site will protect your privacy and security to the best of its abilities. Note from the screenshot containing a sample URL that the site also uses HTTPS. If you want to get a little paranoid, you can actually combine encryption with this service. Just encrypt the message to random characters and then send it via the site.

The site also has a privacy policy that isn’t self-imposed but rather a general rule of thumb for good security practices. The site writes it in “plain English” and is well-written enough to be copied, partly for its information and partly for its humor.

We will not set any cookies, and we save no identifiable information. Once your secret has expired we purge it from our database and keep no archives.

We do not guarantee the security of your information, and, when it comes to transmitting secure information, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. We recommend that you send part of your secure information through another form, such as email, SMS, telephone, smoke signals, or carrier pigeon.


QuickForget is a great site to use, whether playfully or to actually send some messages, such as the latest tactic you thought of that you need to tell your teammates to successfully “pwn” everyone in your first person shooter. Enjoy using it, and remember to keep it secret.

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