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Here is another email encryption tool that lets you securely send sensitive information online. All messages are encrypted by NSA algorithm which is often used for encrypting top secret files.

Here is how it works:

      1. Sing-up


      2. Compose your message and click on “Send Secure Message” button.


      3. Send encrypts your email using NSA algorithm and forwards it to the recipient.


    4. Recipient receives your email with the encrypted message attached.

In order to send and receive information both sender and recipient must have an account with Send.

Send: Securely Send Sensitive Information Online


  • Encrypt and send important information online.
  • Send as many encrypted emails as you like.
  • All emails are encrypted by secure NSA encryption method.
  • Add attachments to your messages.
  • Similar websites:  KeyVault, KickNotes, SDMessage, PrivNote and sPaste

Check out Send @

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