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how to send photos to twitpicYou’ve probably noticed that nowadays the world is buzzing with citizen journalism. Whenever there’s civil unrest, accidents, celebrities and other news to be noted there often seems to be an average Joe with a phone camera on hand ready to record the event far sooner than any photo journalists or reporters. Maybe you’ve even done this on occasion yourself. If you saw something newsworthy like riots or some extreme weather, would you be taking photos and sharing them online? That would make you a citizen journalist – at least for the day.

But what happens when you don’t have Internet access on your phone? Maybe you’re outside your home country and haven’t paid for roaming Internet access? Maybe in your home country, Internet access isn’t really affordable? Maybe you don’t have a smartphone? There’s plenty of reasons this situation might come up. How do you share the pictures then? Here’s where Snappr comes in. You can upload pictures to Twitter using Snappr and MMS on your phone.

What Is Snappr?

Essentially, Snappr is the bridge between your phone, Twitpic and Twitter. It allows you to send an MMS photo to Snappr, which then forwards it on to Twitpic for you. Twitpic then posts it on your Twitter account for you, getting that photo out there where people can see it pretty much instantly.

how to send photos to twitpic

All this is done without the need for you to have a phone with Internet access, a Twitter application or even a smartphone. If you can send photo messages to people, Snappr will work. All you need to do is make sure you’re signed up with Twitpic and you’ve got the details for Snappr ready in your phone before you need them.

Set Up Twitpic

Sign up to Twitpic using your Twitter credentials then check out your Twitpic settings to find your secret email address for uploading photos.


send photos to twitpic

Set Up Snappr

To set up Snappr all you need to do is have the MMS number in your phone – 84433. I’d personally advise that in the contact name you remind yourself of the format for sending messages to Snappr, which we’re about to go through.

Send Photos To Snappr

When you send your photo by MMS to Snappr using the phone number 84433, you need to add in the text of your message the word “PIC” followed by your Twitpic secret email address. If you remind yourself of this in the contact information for Snappr it will make your life easier.

how to send photos to twitpic

Once the MMS photo message has been sent to Snappr with the correct information they will forward it on to Twitpic and it will be in your Twitter updates in no time.

What Else Could You Use?

Well, obviously, if you’ve got Internet access or the ability to send email from your phone there are numerous other ways to do this. But this method could come in handy at times, so it’s worth having it ready.

If you’re interested in tools for low-tech phones or Twitter generally, have a read of these articles:

Have you set up Snappr yet? You may as well have it ready just in case! When could you have really used something like this in the past?

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  1. Marty Cohn
    August 24, 2011 at 1:37 am

    Remember that Twitpic claims a nonexclusive license on photos you post through it. 

    • Angela Alcorn
      August 27, 2011 at 3:37 pm

      True.. Some people don't have a problem with this though. :)