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Say you’re in a meeting, at the movies, or driving and want to let callers or texters you’re not available for the next few hours. It’s remarkably easy for Android users to not only schedule texts The Right Message at the Right Time: 4 Ways to Schedule Messages With Android The Right Message at the Right Time: 4 Ways to Schedule Messages With Android If you want to schedule text messages to ensure you never forget to send one again, you need one of these apps. Read More , but to also set up automatic responses for when you’re busy.

Automatic Responses to Everyone

SMS Auto Reply Text Message is a feature-rich third party app that makes it easy to automatically respond to text messages. You can manually turn it on and off or schedule and forget — using time, dates, and week days as your criteria.

You can create multiple profiles with custom messages, and can tailor who receives your automated response. It can go to anyone who texts and/or calls you, and can go only to your contacts or only to your non-contacts. You can also choose an entirely personalized list to receive the message (Personalized list) or a personalized list to be excluded (Don’t reply list). The Emergency List allows you to whitelist certain contacts whose calls you will receive no matter what.

Using this kind of app does of course require extensive permissions including accessing your contacts, messages, and voice calls. It is also ad-supported.


Automatic Responses by Location

If you only need to autorespond to specific numbers, IFTTT gives you some great custom features. You can trigger an auto-respond to SMS messages received from certain numbers, auto-respond to SMS messages containing certain text, and even auto-respond to SMS messages based on your location.

You will have to install the Android IFTTT app on your phone for these features to work, and will want to activate the Android Messages channel.

Since you have to enter the number you’re responding to, this only works if you set up a recipe for each and every person you would wish to automatically reply to. For this reason, IFTTT is only useful if you know you want to automatically reply to a limited number of people.

How do you set up auto-responses on your Android phone? Let us know in the comments.

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