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Being a college student is hard work. Students with a full time course load can easily become overwhelmed keeping track of all the work they have to do. Between all the reading, studying, and papers, it can be easy for something to slip through the cracks, and that will have a negative effect on the student’s grade. That is where the website called Semester Planner comes in handy.

It allows students to keep track of all aspects of their schooling life, so no assignments, tests, or other projects will be forgotten again.

keep track of school assignments

With Semester Planner, students enter the information for each class they are taking. This process will take a few minutes, but the amount of organization it provides it is well worth the small amount of effort. Every detail about the class can be logged, including when the class meets. Missing classes can be a problem, and Semester Planner goes a long way towards making sure students can easily keep track of their busy schedule.


For each class, students can also enter assignments and when they are due. Each assignment can be ranked based on priority, so instead of working on projects aimlessly, students can keep track of which ones are due soonest, and which ones need to have the most attention placed on them. The website also has a notes feature, so students can keep all of their notes digitally in one place, which will make studying quite a bit easier.



  • Keep track of everything for school.
  • Keep track of class schedules and assignments in one place.
  • Take notes for each class and save them digitally.
  • Upload documents and assignments for safe keeping.
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