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If you have broken your mobile phone and the warranty period has expired, don’t worry, your phone is not yet totally worthless. You can still sell your defective or unrepairable mobile phone to mobile recycling companies and earn some cash out of your dead phone. SellMyMobile is the place to find the best price for old mobile phones.

Using SellMyMobile is very simple, you search for your phone and a price comparison chart will be generated with the best price on top.  You select the best deal and read the instructions to mail your phone for free. Once the buyer gets your phone, within days you’ll be paid by cash or vouchers.

best price for old mobile phones


  • Compare up to 20 mobile recycling companies.
  • Find the best price for old mobile phones.
  • An easy and straight forward procedure.
  • You can skip registration & connect with your Facebook account.
  • Similar tools: SellMyOldCellPhone & BuyMyBrokeniPod.
  • Also check out Howto: Sell Old Cell Phones and iPods.

Check out Sell My Mobile @

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