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Knowing the various threats that the Internet poses, online privacy has now become an important issue for all Internet users. Browser cookies are one way your Internet activities are tracked. To view and selectively opt-out these tracking cookies you should pay a visit to Select Out.

opt out tracking cookies

Select Out is a free to use website that helps detect browser cookies. Along with discovering these cookies it also shows the services the cookies correspond to.

opt out cookies

By clicking on a service’s name you can open its Select Out profile where you can read about it in detail.


You can then remove all cookies by one simple mouse click. Alternatively you can do a selective removal by removing some cookies and leaving the others intact. The selective removal gives you a greater control over your online privacy.


Check out Select Out @

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  1. OMG Eureka
    March 27, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    But how you will get to know that which cookie is sage to remove and which one should i kept it. The site doesn't advise or any other trick