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black friday dealsFor all you tech-savvy readers, I headed over to to see what Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals the best-selling site was offering in terms of electronics and other gadgetry. Although Amazon is typically known for selling books, that simply is not the case anymore. The site now sells lots of other products, including smartphones, digital video cameras, computers and office software, GPS navigation devices, MP3 players and accessories, music instruments, video games, and much much more.

Here is the link to the Electronics section of Black Friday deals. My criteria for selection was useful items with over 40% off.

If you visit the site, by all means let us know what you found to be some of the best deals.

iPod nano Armband Case

I’ve seen several people actually sport their iPod Nano like a wristwatch. This setup might be great for runners, and geeks trying to show off their Apple coolness. This armband case has received mixed reviews, but it is on sale for 45% off – $10.99.

black friday deals

Sennheiser Headphones

This pair of dynamic Sennheiser hi-fi stereo headphones has received over 100 favorable reviews, and is on sale for 67% off – $19.95. While this is not a noise canceling set of headphones, reviewers praise the product for its price, durability, cord length, and much higher quality sound then say your Apple iPod earbuds.

black friday sales

I prefer to get an hand-ons test of products like this before deciding to purchase; but in this case, headphones like these seem to be a really good black friday deal. And if not, Amazon has a pretty easy return policy.

JLab J3 Earphones

JLab J3 Micro In-Ear Earphones, with travel case, has received well over 800 positive reviews, and it is on sale for 76% off – $18.98. One reviewer pointed out that the “rubber tips form a seal in your ear to enable high-quality low end frequencies” and a rich deep bass.

black friday sales

These are also noise isolating earphones, and although they may be good for blocking ambient sounds, you can actually hear a rustling sound when the cord moves against your clothing. Apparently this is typical for these type of earphones – I have a similar pair myself, so this might be a huge negative depending on how you plan to use them. But you certainly can’t beat the price.

Brenro Tripod

If you are a photo hobbyist, you definitely want to own and use a tripod to shoot sharper still photos or steady video shots. Solid and durable tripods can run you hundreds of dollars, but unless you are a professional photographer, there’s no point in paying an arm and a leg for a photography accessory that you might use on a non-regular basis.

black friday sales

This Brenro Tripod is on sale for 60% off – $99.00 – and includes a 15 inch black messenger bag and a zippered carrying case with shoulder strap. One reviewer noted that although the tripod has a nice quick–release mount, one of its shortcomings is that it lacks a control to pan for shooting videos. But it’s fine for still photos.

Casio Keyboard Package

This Casio keyboard package doesn’t have any customer reviews, but I purchased a similar keyboard a few years back and found it very useful for getting started with Apple’s GarageBand music making software.

black friday deals

This package comes with a keyboard stand, AC adapter, headphones, and eMedia instructional software. The Black Friday deal is $139.95 – 56% off the list price.

Well, those are my quick picks for the best black friday deals. As you can see, I didn’t include bigger ticket items like televisions and computers, which are typically marked down on average 14%-23% off. However, there are several dozen cellphones on sale for as little as a penny. But don’t look to me for advice on these. I’m too much of an iPhone addict.

Let us know what deals you found in the comments below.

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  1. JerryB
    November 25, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    "high-quality low end frequencies” and "a rich deep bass" mean the SAME THING.

    • Craig O
      November 26, 2011 at 6:07 pm

      But the ad guys are paid by the word.

      • Bakari Chavanu
        December 3, 2011 at 12:49 am

        Okay, see, you're not supposed to reveal that. Except i'm not the ad guy. I'm just a writer who didn't know they were the same thing. But i do now. thanx.

        • Anonymous
          December 6, 2011 at 4:28 pm

          LOL, no prob.