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There are many websites which developers have designed in such a way that their URL depends on singular words or phrases. For example, many dictionary websites show you the meaning of a word after you simply add that particular word to the URL of that particular dictionary website. This function can be used to quickly look up word meanings or perform other tasks, depending on which website you are using. Here to help Mozilla Firefox users make use of this is a tool called “Select Text and Request URL”.

select text and request url

“Select Text and Request URL” is a free to use browser tool that comes as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on is basically a tool that helps you add text to predefined URLs. This can be extremely helpful in situations such as looking up the meanings of words. You could specify the URL of a dictionary website and select a word on a webpage you are viewing to have it added to the dictionary website’s URL, so you are taken directly to the page that has the meaning of that particular word.

You start using the add-on by installing it and then heading over to its options to specify the URL to use. From then onwards you can highlight any word on the webpage you are browsing and right-click on it. This shows a menu where you can select the option that appends the word to your predefined URL. You are taken to the resulting URL in a new browser tab.

The add-on can add words in the middle of URLs too.



  • A user friendly browser add-on.
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Appends highlighted words to predefined URLs.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.

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