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If you are a website owner looking to attract advertisers then displaying your Google Analytics data would be a good move. You could always capture screenshots from your Analytics account and put them on your site, but that means you’ll have to update them as the traffic changes.

SeetheStats offers a better solution. It uses the Google Analytics API to create nice looking flash based charts that update automatically with the changing traffic on your site.

display google analytics data

You need to authorize the tool to access your Google account (it doesn’t need your Google password though). Once you do that, you can select a profile and have the tool display stats like unique visitors, pageviews, visits by country and more. The authorization can be easily revoked later if needed.


  • Display google analytics on your website.
  • Flash and image based charts available.
  • Charts update dynamically as the analytics data changes.
  • Uses the Google analytics API to display the results.

Check out SeeTheStats @


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