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If you are on the hunt for graphic logos and patterns for your next web project, then you should bookmark Seeklogo. This is a simple free vector logo search engine that helps you search for more than 200,000 generic and commercial vector logos.

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Like all search engines, just enter your search query and run the results. You will then find listed images related to your search where you can view the image description and format before downloading the image. All graphic vectors are categorized alphabetically and you can also search for logos using the tag cloud. Supported languages include English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Dutch, and more.

Seeklogo is a helpful tool for finding ideas for your logo or using these images for your base work to create your own.


  • Search more than 200,000 vector logos.
  • Logos are categorized alphabetically.
  • Browse logos through the tag cloud.
  • Bookmark and share search results.
  • View description and format of the image before downloading.
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