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If you are a student of filmmaking and have created a good film, then your friends and peers will probably have already praised your work. So how do you spread the word about your film while getting a chance to ‘make it big’ in the business? The answer is the SeeFlik online filmmaking competition.

online movie competitions

SeeFlik is a website that is holding a competition for students of filmmaking. The site is targeting students and alumni of many film schools and giving them a chance to win money and representation. Filmmakers can submit their entries online to the site and enter in an audience-based and jury-based competition.

Each competition carries prizes of $7,500, $5,000 and $2,500 for the best 3 movies. Additionally $20,000 will be given to an overall winner, judging from both the competitions. The winners will be showcased to major talents through David Greenblatt – a well-known manager.

If you are not a filmmaker, you can visit the SeeFlik website to check out the work others have submitted. Before playing a movie you can check out its details by placing your mouse pointer over its image thumbnail. After watching a movie you can rate it to indicate your like or dislike.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Holds online competitions for filmmakers.
  • One competition is based on audience votes.
  • One competition is based on the jury’s decision.
  • One competition picks an overall winner from both of the above competition.
  • Visitors to the site can check out the submitted work and rate it.
  • Similar tools: VideoSchool and YouTube Creator Program.

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