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synchronize passwords It’s hard not to find a website these days that doesn’t require some type of registration or login. With every login of course, there is almost always a password. With the password comes with whatever requirements the website has to improve security.

So after you’ve registered at your bank, your three credit cards, your Facebook, your Digg and your blog, you’re so exhausted with usernames and passwords, you begin using your browser’s built-in “Remember This Password” feature. The problem with using this handy feature is that you’re never required to enter another password again. Remembering all those passwords can be quite hard, unless of course you have a method to create strong passwords that are easy to remember How To Create Strong Passwords That You Can Remember Easily How To Create Strong Passwords That You Can Remember Easily Read More .

Now you go home for Christmas, hop on your parents computer to check your latest stock portfolio, and you spend the next hour trying to recall your password. This is where a program like LastPass saves the day.

LastPass is a Firefox or Internet Explorer browser add-on that stores all of your passwords locally and synchronizes all of them to any other browser (with the same add-on) using 256-bit AES encryption. The only two requirements is one strong password and one of the previously mentioned browsers.

last pass password manager

After going through the incredibly easy flash-based installation tutorial, the application asks for a strong password as protection and then offers the option to import passwords from Firefox, IE, RoboForm Free Form Filling Software for Your Browser Free Form Filling Software for Your Browser Read More , KeePass Using Keepass to Secure Your Online Accounts Using Keepass to Secure Your Online Accounts Read More , Sxipper Free Form Filling Software for Your Browser Free Form Filling Software for Your Browser Read More and a few others.


Once you have all of your passwords imported, they’ll fill all of your identifiable username and password boxes appropriately.

synchronize firefox passwords

If a site isn’t stored in the database, it will simply ask you to remember the password, as your current browsers already do.

Lastpass password manager

Again, all of these passwords are stored locally. LastPass uses highly sophisticated code to allow this to happen, so nothing sits out in the cloud.

Once stored, the database is easily accessible to view form information if it needs to be modified in any way.

last pass

Along with its great password capabilities, LastPass also includes:

Form Filling

Whether it be for credit card payments or simple site registration, once the they have all the correct information, LastPass takes care of all of the typing.

Password Generation

Generate incredibly strong passwords if you can’t come up with your own.

Site Sharing

Share a site with another member of your family.

Site Logging

Monitor what sites are being logged into, when and where.

As you can see, LastPass has what many of the commercial form fillers, like RoboForm have, plus the added sync capability. The form filling also separates it from password managers, such as PassPack and Clipperz Clipperz - Online Password Manager (with Offline Option) Clipperz - Online Password Manager (with Offline Option) Read More .

If you are already willing to locally store all of your passwords through your browser, you really can’t go wrong with LastPass. It does the exact same thing, in a much more secure fashion.

Again LastPass works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, on Mac, Linux and Windows.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any better sync solutions? Concerns?

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