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Hackers are all over the Internet trying to steal personal information. It’s unfortunate, but security online is more important than it’s ever been. A huge part of security comes from generating passwords that are not easy to brute force or guess. Secure Passwords is a web-based app that generates complicated passwords for you, and has an easy solution to get access to your passwords when you need them.

different password for every website

To start with, you enter your username and domain for the site. So if you were using Google, you would enter your Google user name and Google as the domain. Do not use .com, just the name of the site. Next, choose the number of characters for your password. After that, enter a unique phrase that you will need when you want to pull the password up again. This can be anything you choose. Click generate and you will have your new password.


This site does not change your password for you. Instead, you manually change it and use this site to recall the password later. To get the password, enter in the exact same information you use when you generated the password, and it will bring back the exact same password again.


  • Generate ultra secure, complicated passwords.
  • Only need to remember the pass phrase, not the password itself.
  • Uses bcrypt decryption for safe passwords.
  • Code available through GitHub to assure you that the developer cannot see the passwords.

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