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Secretbook is a free to use Chrome browser extension that can be used to encode messages through images that you share on Facebook. This neat idea works wonderfully and it helps simplify sharing sensitive information and important secret messages.

encode and decode secret messages

After you install the extension, either open Facebook in a new Chrome tab or simply refresh Facebook open in a current Chrome tab – reopening the browser would be the best way to go. When you are on Facebook, use the Ctrl+Alt+A hotkey combination to display a window that enables you to upload an image. The larger the image you share, the longer the message will be that you can share. After you select your image from your computer, a window will open up that will tell you the maximum allowable length of the message that you can share secretly.


After that step you can type in the message that you want to share. Additionally you can type in a password to make the message viewable. With this done, your image is uploaded. To share the message with a friend, share the image with them. They need to have this extension installed on their Google Chrome web browser too. Using the same hotkey combination, they are able to open up the application, type in the password that you shared, and read your message.


  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you encode messages using Facebook images.
  • Larger the image, longer the message you can share.

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