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SecondSpin is a popular online marketplace for trading used CDs, DVDs and games. You can buy used merchandise at lower prices from the site with 100% quality guarantee, and sell your own unused CDs and DVDs as well. Sign up on the site to start trading items.

Unlike other online used item marketplaces like eBay, here you can instantly view the trade-in price for your media titles and sell it to the site without waiting.

trade used dvds

Apart from the Internet store, merchandise on SecondSpin also comes from its several stores in US and brokers around the country. It has a richer selection of used media merchandise than most of the other online marketplaces.


  • Popular Internet marketplace for used┬áCDs, movie DVDs and Games.
  • Buy used media at lower prices.
  • 100% quality guarantee. Defect rate is less than 1%.
  • Sell your own unused CDs, DVDs and Games to the site.
  • Instantly view trade-in price for your merchandise.
  • Sign up to start trading.

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