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Sometimes you hear a song that sounds a lot like an old song but you cannot be sure. SecondHandSongs has a huge database to check that for you. Just type in the name of any song and the tool will give you complete information on who wrote the song originally, who sang it originally, when it was released and how many other versions of the songs have been produced after that.

You can search by song, artist name, medium or even the label. The information also includes visual performances of the song by other artists and lets you give a rating to the original song. If you like the song, there is an option to buy it on Amazon MP3. You can also browse through newly added and newly released songs or if you have a question, ask it in the user forums.

versions of songs


  • A complete database of different versions of a song.
  • Search by song and filter by artist, medium or label.
  • Includes information about visual performances of the song.
  • Buy the song on Amazon MP3.
  • No registration required.

Visit SecondHandSongs @ www.secondhands

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