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hen you board an airplane, how long does it take for you to locate your seat? For most people, this step takes a considerable amount of time and many times people are not happy with their seats. To help them out of this problem, “SeatGuru” was created.

SeatGuru is an excellent website that helps you find out the location of your seat on an airplane. But in addition to this basic feature, the site helps provide airplane travellers with an extremely useful array of features that helps them immensely with their travelling. To start with, the website offers you a flight search tool that focuses on seat comfort. If you do not like to be seated next to windows or close to the restroom, then finding a ticket through SeatGuru will be just the thing to do. For people who already have their ticket, the website lets you enter your flight number and airline name; it then shows you the seating plan of your airplane and all the various features of your flight. For example, you are shown the plane’s status regarding baggage, infants, minors, and pets. Information about in flight amenities such as music and food is also shown. General information about that particular aircraft is also displayed; this information covers the aircraft’s dimensions and total number of seats.

These features are complemented by the website’s tips and articles that are targeted at aircraft travellers.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you get seat details of aircrafts.
  • Lets you book flights according to seat comfort.
  • Provides you with details of your aircraft.
  • Includes tips and advice for air travelers.
  • Similar tools: ExpertFlyer, SeatExpert and MySeatFinder.

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