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When you search for something on the Internet, you often have to go through a number of undesirable results before you reach the ones you want. But thanks to SearchTeam, you can get your friends to help eliminate those undesirable search results.

collaborative web search

SearchTeam is a simple and friendly collaborative web search tool that lets you and your friends create better search results. You start by executing a keyword search and then sharing the search link with your friends. You can invite friends to the search via email or by inviting them through Facebook using the site’s integration with the network. You and your invited friends can edit the results in the search; you can either remove results from the page or save them in a particular folder.


This way you can jointly work on a search results page to gather research resources, look for new apartments, and find interesting stuff on the web.

Watch demo video below:



  • Lets you improve search results by getting help from friends.
  • You start with a keyword search and then invite your friends.
  • Friends can be invited through email or Facebook.
  • Results from search can be either hidden or saved.
  • Results can be served into separate folders for better organization.

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