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Advertisement is a very specialized search service focused on programming codes and snippets. When you enter a keyword, SearchCode looks through thousands of programming websites, documents and manuals to see if its part of a programming language. If found, not only lists the full command, but also provides the complete syntax of using the command along with examples.

A link is usually also provided to the original source of the document where you can find more information. Each search result also indicates which programming language the function is a part of. In case of common words, it lists results from multiple languages.  It also searches for Windows and Unix commands. Moreover, the website also has lists of functions for a number of platforms including MySQL, Apache, jQuery and more.

search engine for programmers


  • Search for programming functions and commands.
  • Displays syntax, example and a link for more informaiton.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools:, Chop, MyCodeStock, Snippshot, WP-Snippets, Snipplr, CodeFetch, CodePaste and TextSnip.

Visit SearchCode @

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