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search gmail with iphoneIf you spend a decent amount of time on a computer, the chances are good you’re going to eventually send and receive a lot of important information. You may not think about it too often, but even if 90% of your time is spent watching hilarious YouTube videos, that other 10% is sure to amount to something over time.

Now what happens when you need to look up one of those important pieces of information? Are you going to remember where it’s stored? Was it in an email, or a Facebook message? A tweet perhaps? Or maybe it was on your calendar, or in your Google Docs? If not, maybe you saved it in your Dropbox account. At any rate, it’s somewhere, and you need it now.

The quickest way to find this information you’ve misplaced would be to search all of the places I’ve mentioned at the same time, but is that even possible?

What Is Greplin?

Greplin is a free service that lets you search all of your online data in one place. It eliminates the need to hunt down lost or forgotten information by giving you the ability to search files, messages, posts, contacts, events, and more from all of the services you like to use. It keeps everything where you need it, right on your mobile device for easy reference.

search gmail with iphone

Basically, Greplin is a personal search engine that indexes all of the information you create on different websites, and it allows you to search for information all within the same screen.

Here is Greplin’s mission statement:

Our goal is to make Greplin the search bar for your life.

The free version of the app currently supports Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. If you’re a typical user like me, the free version should be more than enough. You could say it covers all of the essentials.

search facebook iphone

If you really wanted to get fancy and subscribe to Greplin’s premium service (which is $4.99 per month), you would also get access to Google Apps (Mail, Calendar & Docs), Google Reader, Evernote, Salesforce, Yammer, Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire, Delicious, and Tumblr. This appears to be more suitable for your business needs, at which point the monthly cost would probably be worth it.

search facebook iphone

Regardless of the option you choose, you can also access Greplin on the web, using the same account that you created for use on your iPhone. This may be helpful if you’d like a larger screen to peruse through information on.

Using Greplin

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Greplin to your iPhone, the process of linking your accounts and searching for information is pretty straightforward. The app separates services by category.

search gmail with iphone

If you tap on one you would like to add, and it’s one of the free ones I’ve covered above, you simply need to enter your password for that service to add it to the list of networks Greplin searches whenever you enter in a query.

After you’ve added all of the services you’d ever want or need to search, you can visit the search area within the app and begin sifting through files at your leisure. Search results will be broken down easily for you by file or message type across your various networks.


I can think of dozens of instances where having an app like Greplin might be useful. Anytime you need to look up a phone number, address, old message, serial or confirmation number, or any other vital information you were messaged somewhere, Greplin can help you look it up on the fly, right from your phone.

Let us know what you think of Greplin or if you prefer a similar service (if there is one).

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  1. Rich Curry
    November 2, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    I like it, but find it's really only used for my phone. When I'm on the desktop, I know where this data is and can easily get to that site to search (like gmail) but on the iPhone  it may take me a few steps and a login to do the search so using graplin is a one step search.

    • Britney
      November 2, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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  2. Peter Evil
    November 2, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Yes, it's very nice. However, it seems to me that even thought it's useful just looking in one place for all your information , it also makes it very easy for any potential hackers/thieves/ bastards to get to that information. Maybe I'm a paranoid old geezer but it just strikes me as being a tad dangerous.