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free android appsThe wise among us just don’t go rushing through a door that says “free”, but potter about for a bit and try to find out if the whole thing is against the great universal law that says, there are no free lunches in life.

With little things like Android apps, there are quite a few free lunches we can dine on. They may come with restrictions and the eye-sore of advertisements, but if they are usable, you would like nothing better than to hold on to the cents and dollars. As we have discovered with software, for every paid application there could be a free one out there coded by someone who doesn’t have to bother about his next lunch.

So, here are two websites that can give us the alternative free Android apps to the paid apps.

Find Popular Free Android Apps for Paid Apps with Antiroid

free android apps

Antiroid is a fresh website that is completely dedicated to Android apps and no other. Antiroid is a good aid when you are looking to tackle the maze that is Google Play. You can go hunting for a free alternative to a paid app in Google Play, but that hunt is time-consuming and may not return you a result except the LITE (or free) version of the same paid app. Using the LITE or free version sometimes works out well, but then you get pigeonholed by its restrictions.

Antiroid gives you a short-cut through the Google Play quagmire by suggesting free alternatives. Please note that the apps suggested will be similar and not identical clones. Antiroid only highlights legal applications that could be functionally close to the app you have in mind. As you can see in the screen above, landing page has categories on the left and a list of popular alternative free apps for their paid counterparts.


Antiroid has a very simple structure. You type in the paid app in the search bar and then click through the page displayed with the specific app displayed to the results page which neatly showcases all alternative free apps.

best free android apps

You can click on the More link to expand your choices. You can give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to help the site improve their selections. Click on the app you are interested in and go to its description page (taken from the Google Play store).

Get Alternatives to Apps with AlternativeTo

free android apps

AlternativeTo always comes up as the site to go to if you are looking for replacements to the software you are using now.  We have talked about it in the past too when we looked at 5 Sites To Find Free Alternatives To Popular Software 5 Sites To Find Free Alternatives To Popular Software 5 Sites To Find Free Alternatives To Popular Software Read More . AlternativeTo is not necessarily about free apps and software, but their handy filtering menu helps you narrow your search down to the free ones in a jiffy.

From desktop software, the service has scaled up to cover mobile and tablet apps of all popular hues. Android being one of them. The site is very neat and slick. It is not necessary that you will get the right kind of apps from the search bar, but using filters like Sort By Likes, Filter By License, and Filter By Platform helps you to narrow down to the free candidates quickly. You can also take the help of Popular Tags and Categories on the right. It is a slightly more circuitous process as in many cases there’s no direct link to the Google Play store.

A recommendation here: hunting for good free Android apps is fine, but even if an app costs less than a dollar, it is well worth a download. After all, the developer has put in his sweat too. So, are you a free freak when it comes to Android apps or would you rather plonk down cash for the best app that is out there? How do you search for the best app? Tell us all about it.

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