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Seafile is a private collaboration app in the cloud. It lets you easily upload and share files with your friends or colleagues from a single place online. It serves as an alternative to sending files (especially big ones) back and forth by email.

You start by creating a library of files. A library is a collection of files for a project (personal or public) or from an event. You can share a library with specific contacts or groups. To create a group simply invite people by their email.

Depending on your needs, enable read-write or read-only access to different libraries. Members can then easily upload, download and edit files online or even download the whole libraries from the cloud. Moreover, members of a group can start discussions and manage a separate Wiki.

cloud collaboration app

A history of recent events (changes, edits etc) is kept for every library for a period of 60 days by default. But you can choose to enable history keeping forever or completely disable it.

Seafile also includes a desktop sync client. With the client, members won’t even have to go online but can edit files and sync changes to the cloud automatically using the client from their desktop. All the changes are synced from the cloud to the client and back automatically.



The service is free for up to 3 groups with a free storage of 1 GB and traffic of 5 GB/month. To get more storage and more traffic, sign up for one of their paid plans starting from $10/month.


  • Encrypt files with password.
  • Set access permissions for files: read-only or read-write.
  • Share different libraries with different groups or contacts.
  • Create personal and public workspaces.
  • Automatic file synchronization between desktop and the cloud.
  • Similar tools – Omnidrive,

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  1. T-man
    July 3, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    I have a sea file server running and its really fast and running great my one (probably simple) problem is that my client sea file sync doesn't open on startup (on my mac) any solutions?

  2. Seafile
    May 10, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Hi, the 5 GB/month traffic limit is only for public-shared link. The file syncing traffic is not limited.