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You can find a lot of online project management tools with most of them seemingly more focused on adding to your workload rather than helping you manage it due to their complexity. If you are looking for a no-frills straightforward project management system, check out Scrumrf, an online project management tool that helps you delegate tasks in a simple manner. Scrumf features an easy-to-use interface and the ability to check the progress of a task visually.

agile project management

One of the unique features of Scrumrf as a project management tool is its “Product backlog” section where you can assign user stories for your projects. By using user stories, you can create logs that show derived tasks as well as their importance (indicated with priority points and sprint points). Once you have created your user stories, you may now proceed organizing your project sprints.

You may also add multiple items to the user stories and delegate the tasks to your team members. You may also indicate the participation level of your team in this section.

Scrumrf offers a simple but powerful project management tool that actually lets you micromanage the tasks that needed to be done by your team. With it, you can manage any multi-phase project in a speedy and efficient manner.



  • Manage multiple projects.
  • Manage user roles or team members for each project.
  • Delegate and micromanage tasks using the product backlog.
  • Plan on the different phases of your projects efficiently with sprints.
  • Communicate and collaborate with your team regarding user stories, sprints, as well as tasks.
  • Check the status of the projects visually with charts.
  • Easy to use interface.

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