Scrubly: A Nifty Tool To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Gmail, Outlook & Mac Address Books

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Having duplicate contacts in your address book can be rather inconvenient for people who prefer organization in everything. Individually looking for duplicate contacts and then removing them can be quite a tedious task. Here to automate the process is a web tool called Scrubly.

remove duplicate contacts from gmail

Scrubly is a free to use web service that looks for duplicate contacts in your Gmail, Outlook, and Mac address books. You start by signing up for an account and then importing your address book. For Gmail, the site works via simply linking to your Google account whereas for Outlook and Mac you first need to download the respective desktop client. After your original address book is backed up, duplicates from the book are found and removed.

You can do an additional removal that detects contacts that are only loosely matching – this can be helpful when you have saved the same contact with different spellings. The free account of Scrubly allows up to a maximum of 250 contacts and unlimited ‘scrubs’ or removals.

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The thing is, it’s not free. After you go through the whole process they ask you to pay to download the addresses back to your computer. Sneaky time-wasters!

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