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Scroll bars are one of the best things in web design but there are some webpages that you wish had automated scrolling. ScrollyFox is a Firefox add-on that makes it possible. Instead of continuously clicking the scroll button, just click on the ScrollyFox icon next to your status bar and the page will scroll up or down automatically.

automatically scroll web page

Click on the icon again whenever you want to stop. If you think the automated scrolling is too fast or too slow for you, right click on the icon to adjust the scrolling rate. Once ScrollyFox reaches the end of a page, it will start scrolling in the opposite direction, however, this can easily be easily turned off in preferences.

The only thing that would make ScrollyFox even better is a keyboard shortcut.

automatic scrolling firefox


  • Automatic scrolling For Firefox.
  • Click to start scrolling and click to pause.
  • Adjust the scrolling rate according to your need.
  • Starts scrolling in the reverse direction once the page ends.
  • Excellent for reading long articles or browsing photo galleries.

Download ScrollyFox from Mozilla

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