ScrollBox: Embed RSS Feeds Onto Your Blog

ScrollBox is a simple web tool that allows you to embed RSS feeds onto some webpage. The application can generate dynamic widget for any given RSS feed. User can take the widget and easily add it to any site.

First, copy paste your feeds and add the title. Then you can customize size, text and colors. Finally, click on the “Create Scrollbox” button to generate an embeddable code. Copy the code and add it where you want the feeds to appear.

scrollbox   ScrollBox: Embed RSS Feeds Onto Your Blog


  • Easily embed rss feed into website.
  • Customize text, color, text and background.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No registration.
  • Similar sites: Feed Source.

Sample ScrollBox widget:
JavaScript must be enabled for the RSS Scrollbox Widget to work.

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