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Have you had that problem where you are reading an interesting article on a webpage, and suddenly, you scroll a little too fast and lose your place? It’s not the biggest problem one can can have in life, of course, but it is still quite an annoyance to have to go back and find the spot where you left off. That’s where a really cool new Google Chrome extension comes into play.

This extension is called Scroll Marker, and it makes it incredibly simple to have a line placed on the bottom of the page, so as you are scrolling, you will not lose your place.

scroll marker

Once installed, the extension will draw a line on the bottom of the page. As you move down it, the line will stay in place for a few moments, so you can keep your spot. After a few moments of sitting where you were, it will automatically go back to the bottom of the page again, so the next time you scroll, it will be able to repeat the process and keep you reading smoothly and without interruption.

scroll marker

You can turn the extension on and off via the button in the extension bar. You can also open the options menu to tweak and adjust the color and look of the bar.You can even change the thickness, delay before it moves back to the bottom, and how much it offsets from the bottom of the page.



  • Overlay a line on the bottom of the page to keep your from losing your place.
  • Change the color and look of the line.
  • Bar stays in place for a moment to help you find your place.

Find Scroll Marker on the Chrome Webstore

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