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When it comes to writing on Mac OS X, there’s no comparison — Scrivener is the best app for the job, hands down. And now, it’s available for just $20 (55% discount) from StackSocial.

Writing is tough. Besides having to deal with writer’s block and other distractions, there’s also lots of planning, structuring, and researching. And when you’re finally done, there’s still a matter of getting your manuscript published in various formats. Imagine doing all of that in Word. Actually, no — please don’t.

Recommended by novelists, scriptwriters, researches and journalists, Scrivener 2 is the perfect writing companion for OS X, and it’s entirely Mavericks-ready. We believe it in so much that we’ve published an entire guide to walk you through its main features. Don’t think of Scrivener as your average word processor — as mentioned earlier, it’s much more than that. I’ll point out a few of its major selling points, then you can decide if it’s worth paying for. You might want to hurry though — it’s currently available for $20, but the 55% off sale ends June 15.


When I think of planning and organisation, my brain automatically pictures a corkboard. It’s perfectly natural — corkboards are used in homes, offices, schools — so why can’t it be used on your computer? Scrivener offers a virtual corkboard which holds index cards, allowing you to properly structure your novel and jot tips; while providing the flexibility of grouping related cards and rearranging them however you please.

“Scrivenings” Mode

Do you think most novels are written from beginning to end, in that order? Hardly. Most of the time, stories are written in segments, scenes are composed individually, research is broken down into separate ideas. Finally, they’re all brought together to form the one document. While Scrivener lets you to work with multiple documents, it also provides a fascinating mode called “Scrivenings”. While in “Scrivenings” mode, individual documents are combined into a single body of text, allowing you to view several sections of your manuscript as a whole.

Export Your Work

So you’ve completed your masterpiece. Great. Now what? Scrivener offers you the choice of exporting your work as PDF, ePub, Kindle, MultiMarkdown — you name it. And it formats them beautifully. Imagine doing that in Word.


Think Time Machine for your work. That’s what the Snapshots feature is. Essentially, it allows you to compare the current version of your work against previously-saved versions, so you can easily find the differences or restore an earlier copy.

Get It Before June 15

All in all, Scrivener 2 for OS X offers a whole feast of features for just $20. And that’s exactly what a struggling writer needs! Get it now before it’s gone!.

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