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Have you ever wondered what a movie script looks like? Yes, they are stories and what each character is all about but how are they exactly written? Well, if you own an iPad then you don’t have to wonder. Scripted for iPad is a nice and innovative app that lets you do exactly that – a cool interface to scour through a huge number of movie scripts from all kinds of sources on the web.

It even remembers the script page number where you stopped reading and presents it to you when you re-open it. You can share on Facebook and Twitter, and also quickly visit related sites like IMDb.

share movie script

It says “compatible with iPad” on the App Store page and says that the device should have iOS 4.0 or later.


  • Read and share movie scripts on an iPad.
  • Remembers the last script page number you read.
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter and visit related sites such as IMDb.
  • Similar tool: IMSDB.

Check out Scripted for iPad @


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