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If you consider yourself a writing purist where all you need is a “blank slate” online to write and publish your thoughts, then you should check out Scriffon. This minimalist tool allows anyone to write about anything and get published within seconds, removing the need for a blog or a tumblog.

text publishing tool

Scriffon’s concept is very simple – while you can set up your own website to share your articles, sometimes all you need is a place to publish your writing. The minimalist approach lets you create an account within seconds and compose a draft that you can go back to later. When you feel that your article is done, just click the button to publish it.

Scriffon also functions as a minimalist word processing tool on the cloud. You can go back and modify the posts as you see fit, and save them for editing later. This tool is ideal for online writers who like to keep their articles online and access them easily.


  • Free; easy to sign up.
  • Publish text on the website or save as draft.
  • Also works as minimalist word processor.
  • Add subtitle to articles.
  • Change your pen name
  • Similar Tools:  PenIO, Peggd, CopyTaste, YourDraft, JotOnce, TextSave, TxtBear, TextSnip,, and Tidypub.

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  1. Martin Bouladour
    June 9, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Thanks for this article! We hope to build a great web app for writing on the web. Scriffon is still young and evolving. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate :-)
    -- Martin, Scriffon