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If you are an Instagram fan who likes to discover new Instagram images, then you will greatly appreciate a freeware app called Screenstagram.

instagram as screensaver

Screenstagram is a piece of freeware that comes in versions for Windows as well as Mac computers. The Windows version comes in an EXE file that is compressed in a ZIP archive sized at nearly 0.5 MB whereas the Mac version comes in a DMG setup sized at nearly 0.9 MB. The function of this application is to provide you with a visually appealing screen saver that is composed of the best images currently present on Instagram.

We tried out the Windows version and it was extremely easy to use. All you do is extract the EXE file from the archive and then run. The screensaver takes over and you see a loading video. For some reason, there was a “a new version of Screenstagram is available” message displayed, even though we were using the latest version downloaded directly from the site. After a moment’s wait, you will see your computer screen populated with the latest images from Instagram.


The images keep turning into other images and you get to see new pictures all the time. For Instagram fans that own either a Mac or a Windows computer, this excellent freeware will prove to be of great fun and use.



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