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ScreenChomp is an iPad app that gives you a simple whiteboard with some markers to draw with your touches and taps. However, whatever you do is recorded through the app so you can share it with the world. It is a great way to create and share tutorials or do a hundred other things.

In addition to the whiteboard, you can also use an image from your iPad camera or something you may have downloaded. Write on the image, point arrows and do everything else you can to illustrate your point. Videos are then uploaded online so you can share them with friends through a unique link. Videos can also be posted to Facebook with a single click or tweeted right from the app. You can also download the video as an MPEG-4 file.

create whiteboard video


  • Create bite size videos from your iPad.
  • Draw on a white board or any image to create illustrations.
  • Share your video online or download to your iPad.

Download ScreenChomp from iTunes

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