Screen Sniper: A Handy Screenshot Utility [Windows]

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Explaining your computer problems to somebody over the phone or text can be quite difficult. The absence of visuals in these mediums prevents you from being absolutely specific about your problem. This is also a problem for the computer troubleshooter who cannot explain clearly where he wants you to type or click. For this reason, screenshots are immensely helpful because they serve as invaluable reference points for you to explain any computer usage scenario.

Simply by placing the mouse over a field and sharing a screenshot of the image, you can convey to others where to click or type or perform any other action. Here to help you take screenshots of your Windows screen easily is a tiny utility called Screen Sniper.

screenshot utility windows

Screen Sniper is a free to use desktop application for Windows computers. The app comes in a download size of only 0.5 MB. After you install the application, you are able to specify the folder in which your taken screenshots are saved. Unlike many other screenshot apps, you can specify a hotkey to take the screenshot i.e. you can use keys other than PrintScreen to take screenshots. The app supports numerous output formats in different qualities including bmp, gif, jpeg, png, and tiff.

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Dylan Moschioni

Why bother when Windows comes with it’s own perfectly good screen capture software?



No 64-bit version?


Keith S

Nice! Very nice and very practical! Thanks!


Julian Altshul

I agree – the built in Windows Snipping Tool is easy to use!

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