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Screen Draw is a simple and easy to use addon for Mozilla Firefox which allows users to paint and draw over webpages and save a screenshot of it in .png or .jpeg format.

draw on web pages

The add-on is great for people who want to annotate while they are reading something online, or to help users figure out what they have to do when they arrive at a specific webpage. For example, which button to click to make an account on Dropbox, etc.

Just visit the add-on page for Screen Draw and install it. Once you have installed the add-on, click on the little “Draw” icon at the bottom of your browser window to start painting over the webpage, and once you are done click the “Save” icon to save.


  • Great for making annotations and saving image easily to desktop computer.
  • Free add-on – the app can be used by anyone.
  • Easy and simple to use.

Check out Screen Draw @


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