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Scred is a web-based shared expense tracker. Quick solution to track shared expenses and debts between friends and roomates. Do you split bills on a regular basis? With Scred you can track who owes whom with a minimal effort. Track group travel expenses, shared rent and utlity bills, common shopping bills etc. To get started, complete sign up process and create an expense pool (rent, dinner, birthday gift etc.), and then invite others to it. Once they are in, Scred will ask them to enter the amount they spent on that particular event. Next it will automatically calculate the pool balance and show a detailed summary of who owes whom.

Shared Expense Tracker


  • Easily track shared expenses and debts between friends.
  • Create and manage as many expense pools as you like.
  • Mobile client: Instantly store shared transactions on your mobile phone and synchronise them to the server any time later.
  • Store transactions in different currencies.
  • Integrated currency converter.

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