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Sometimes, a new start-up will come along and everyone knows from that first moment that it’s a great idea. ScoreBig is one of these great start-up ideas. What is it? Well, I think you’d know straight away if I said it was like Groupon but the group deals were only for live performance tickets.

You might think that limiting the scope means that they won’t be as successful as other group deal negotiators. But, I think that ScoreBig has a real edge in that they really understand ticketing. I mean, what good is 10 cheap seats to a concert if you can’t all sit together? ScoreBig can guarantee your seats – and that’s just brilliant.

Get Your ScoreBig Invite

Currently, ScoreBig is limited to the US only, but you never know what might happen in the future. ScoreBig is still in the early stages, so you’ll need an invite code in order to start using it. We’ve manged to secure 50 invites for MakeUseOf readers, so you can get in and have a go right now. Also, they’re letting you invite up to 10 friends, so you can spread the word. Awesome! Follow this link to use ScoreBig now.

What Sort Of Tickets Can You Get?

ScoreBig offer tickets to a variety of live performances, including sports, music, theatre and arts. To guarantee these tickets, ScoreBig has partnered with top venues, sports teams, artists promoters and more. If it’s a live event, check ScoreBig before paying retail prices!

Using ScoreBig

ScoreBig is very intuitive to use. There’s no need to talk you through it as it will clearly makes sense to most users. But, if you haven’t been one of the first 50 people to get hold of an invite, you might like to see what’s going on and how it works.


Browse by area, event or keep an eye our for the best bargains.

Once you’ve found an event you want to attend, the process works as follows. You choose how many seats you need and what sort of seat quality you’re after by grading with a star system. Since all performances will have a different seating arrangement (even within the same venue) there is a map guide to show you roughly where you can expect your seats to be for each star rating.

Once you’ve hovered over a star rating the corresponding area will highlight to make it easier to see.

Making Your Offer

ScoreBig then calculates what you would pay for that ticket if you were buying it at cost. A neat little form shows you the calculations and allows you to make an offer for the seat value. It also shows you how much other people have saved on this deal in the last 24 hours, so you can pick a good offer.

This works as a sort of auction. You make your offer and see how it goes. Maybe you just want to save on fees or maybe you want to get 25% off. It’s your call. ScoreBig will give you an instant answer, so you won’t be waiting until the last minute. If you score a handful of cheap seats for you and your friends, you’ll be enjoying a bargain night out thanks to ScoreBig.

If your offer isn’t accepted, you can instantly make an offer on another seat rating for that event. Or you can wait 24 hours and try again. ScoreBig may even write to you with a counter-offer.


Obviously, the world of group deals is currently dominated bu Groupon and is being imitated by many more players. But ScoreBig has an excellent understanding of ticketing and how both users and promoters want to benefit from these deals. I think they’ll go far with this model.

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Did you get your ScoreBig invite? Have you scored any great deals yet? Let us know in the comments! Oh and if you are one of the lucky 50 who got an invite, maybe you could give away your 10 invites to other MakeUseOf readers?

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