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honestly people searchSince I spend a good amount of time on the Internet, I tend to sign up for a lot of websites and services. I do this when I’m searching for a topic A Writer's Guide To Free Apps For Inspiration & Organization A Writer's Guide To Free Apps For Inspiration & Organization Read More to write about or if I want to snag my username on a fancy new website because, hey, you never know which sites are going to blow up and become popular.

One such site is Honestly, which is a community that helps users get the inside scoop on their potential bosses and business partners. Admittedly, I had forgotten about Honestly shortly after signing up, but I have since received enough emails from the company stating my Facebook friends were signing up that I decided to give it a second look. Honestly offers a unique angle on user reviews.

What Is Honestly?

Honestly helps you take control of and build your own professional reputation online. By contributing to Honestly reviews, you can share your knowledge of other professionals, giving credit where it is due and providing valuable feedback for others.

“ is an online resource for building, managing, and researching professional reputations, using community-contributed, professional reviews. reviews help you get the inside scoop on other business professionals, providing candid assessments of coworkers, potential hires, business partners, and more.”

Alternatively, you can create (or claim) your own profile on Honestly, where you can collect your own recognition for accomplishments and actively manage career growth.

honestly people search

Profiles are like a central hub for community-contributed reviews regarding an individual business professional. An Honestly profile can be created by you for yourself or by you for someone else, which could be a person you’d like to review.


honestly free people search

Reviews are community-contributed, business-focused assessments of professional performance. In case you were wondering, Honestly obscures the identity of review authors, so you can feel free to share your true feelings and opinions without being scared someone will find out what you’ve said about them. Isn’t that lovely?

Honestly also provides a suite of tools that allows the community to rate and moderate reviews, which also ensures that reviews are high quality and, well, honest.

How Do I Get Started Using Honestly?

To get started using Honestly to read and write reviews, head over to the homepage and connect via your Facebook account. Honestly requires a Facebook account because it helps to show that a) you are a real person, and b) that you are 21 or older, which is a requirement of using the service. Being that the network is for business professionals, I doubt you would find much use for the service if you were under 21 anyway.

honestly free people search

The quality of your submissions will be rated by other Honestly users, contributing to your Reviewer Authority score. Honestly also makes it easy to quickly find relevant people to review, whether they’re former colleagues of yours or present ones.

honestly people search

With an account, you’ll begin receiving notifications of new reviews, requests for reviews from trusted colleagues, and responses to your reviews. You can also add details about your resume and more to your profile.


I’m a big fan of review websites that shoot for honesty and integrity, and Honestly does that by hiding reviewers’ identities and instituting ratings that are monitored by the community itself. If Wikipedia has taught us anything, it’s that this type of model can work, and crowdsourcing information works well with sites like Quora Quora - Share Your Knowledge & Find The Best Answers To Your Toughest Questions Quora - Share Your Knowledge & Find The Best Answers To Your Toughest Questions Read More as well.

What do you think of Honestly (honestly)?

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