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Starting school is one of the most important events not only for kids but also for their parents. There are thousands of questions that need to be answered like Is my child ready to go to school? What skills does he need to succeed in his school? What kind of problems can he face and how to cope with them?

These are all important issues and SchoolSparks is an excellent resource to start your journey. Put together by Preschool and Kindergarten teachers, the website covers a wide variety of topics that can help you help your kids. It includes hundreds of free printable worksheets that you can use to help your child develop basic things like motor skills, recognizing language, letter/word awareness, math awareness and emotional and social development.

kindergarten resources for parents

You can also take a quick assessment to see if your kid is indeed ready to start school or if he needs more development in a specific area. If he does need to grow more in a specific area like fine motor skills or emotional development or visual discrimination e.t.c., the website has a whole dedicated section where you can read detailed information around more than a dozen development areas, see helpful images and get tips to help your kids in that. The website also has some excellent information what kind of issues your kid will face early on and how to deal with them. As SchoolSparks correctly suggests, you are your kids most important teachers.

preschool resources for parents


  • Information for parents with preschool and kindergarten kids.
  • Hundreds of free printable worksheets for basic development.
  • Take a school ready assessment to see where your child stands.
  • Helpful articles and tips on how to help kids in a particular area.
  • Information and help for parents on how to deal with certain issues.
  • No registration required.

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  1. Dbonning82
    May 31, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    This is a fantastic resource, thanks so much for sharing.  I can't believe all the worksheets are totally free -- Awesome!