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SchoolOfEverything is free web service that connects learners with local teachers in any subject. There are many subjects available in different categories. Popular subjects include Math, Tai Chi, Driving lessons, Piano, Yoga, Guitar and more. Currently most of the listed services are for UK users though. Sign up to get started.

See who’s learning what in your area and connect with people who share similar interests. Keep track of your current and future subjects in your profile. Invite your friends by sharing your learner page on your social network profiles and other webpages.

local teachers

If you have a skill you would like to teach, connect with learners in your area by advertising your services for free through the site.


  • Teachers and learners marketplace.
  • Advertise your teaching skills to other learners online or in your area.
  • Learn and teach any subject.
  • Service available in US and UK.
  • Free, sign up to get started.

Check out SchoolOfEverything @

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