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Though we’re conditioned through a seemingly-endless process of education Watch & Learn At Any Age & Level With YouTube's Educational Section [Stuff to Watch] Watch & Learn At Any Age & Level With YouTube's Educational Section [Stuff to Watch] Regardless of your age and level of education, YouTube's educational section has something to stimulate your grey matter. Bringing together some of the best channels, greatest teachers and most interesting videos on the service under... Read More , many of us never feel truly “ready” for life. That’s probably because the things that flummox us the most aren’t taught in school.

The Internet has taken on the role of Agony Aunt 4 Sites To Get Good Free Advice Online 4 Sites To Get Good Free Advice Online Read More  for a whole generation, and in the wake of organisations like The School of Life exist to examine some of the existential, practical and introspective issues that plague modern society 3 Steps To Keep Digitally Induced Stress At Bay 3 Steps To Keep Digitally Induced Stress At Bay You can't turn back the clock, but you can change course midway to work toward a stress-free digital lifestyle, by preventing stress in the first place. Today is a good place to begin. Read More .

The Curriculum

Many of The School of Life’s  uploads go towards creating what the channel has dubbed The Curriculum, an assembly of topics around which the most important thinkers and ideas relating to that field are discussed.

The subjects of philosophy, literature (above), art and history make up a large part of the world around us, but contextualising their importance is no trivial feat. The Curriculum aims to connect users with these key concepts with a look at some of the great thinkers.

In addition to forays into philosophy with detailed looks at Nietzche (above), Sartre and Plato, the series looks at how core ideas have impacted upon our lives and shaped the people we have become today.

Psychoanalysis is another interesting field which isn’t taught until later in life (and often not at all). A detailed look at Freud (above) and Winnicott provides an interesting crash course.

In addition to this incredibly detailed and approachable guide to some tricky subjects, The School of Life also examines far more specific topics of interest, like getting married.

Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person

If ever there was a title just begging to be clicked, it’s probably this one. What follows is a sobering look at the human race’s inability to figure out even ourselves, let alone someone else. Cynical it may be, but light hearted it remains – and there’s basically nothing you can do about it anyway.

Status Anxiety

Status anxiety does not have anything to do with that feeling you get before posting a particularly controversial Facebook update, but rather the feeling of being judged for your choice of profession. It’s surprisingly common to feel inadequate about your day job Stuck In A Job You Hate? Escape From The Cubicles & Figure Out The Best Job For Yourself Stuck In A Job You Hate? Escape From The Cubicles & Figure Out The Best Job For Yourself Millions of workers pursue career changes every year. It’s not a foreign concept by any means. What’s scary about making a career change, then, is the fear that you may end up replacing your old,... Read More , but at least now you know why.

The Dangers of the Internet

We’re currently living through the largest social revolution in history, and many of us lament the second we’re out of contact with the online world. Such a ubiquitous technology comes with dangers that run deeper than credit card fraud and malware, and because you’re reading this on the Internet you should probably click play on the video above and find out what they are.


There’s a good chance you’re procrastinating right now, while watching this. Even if you’re not, you’ve probably spent hours in front of YouTube or Facebook instead of getting work done. Maybe you find it happening on a regular basis. This video gives you a chance to get to know your procrastinating self, with the perfect child-like art style and voiceover to boot.

Watch: The School Of Life

The School of Life takes some overwhelming subject matters and makes them easier to understand. It doesn’t give you the answers, but it does tempt you with the thought processes behind some of humankind’s greatest observations.

If these videos are a little drawn out for you, check out 59 seconds – a YouTube channel that teaches you self-improvement techniques in under a minute Learn 10 Simple Self Improvement Tips In 10 Minutes [Stuff to Watch] Learn 10 Simple Self Improvement Tips In 10 Minutes [Stuff to Watch] These quick videos from Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman teach you simple ways to become better. Read More .

What should The School of Life really be teaching?

  1. Rob
    December 16, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Fascinating videos here! School of life was started be Alain de Bottan, right? I've read a couple of his books- Status Anxiety was phenomenal, though much of what can be learned through the book is told pretty well in that video! Thanks for the links to the videos! That's my evening sorted.

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