SchizoCopy: Faster & More Secure Utility For Copying & Moving Files [Windows]

Schizocopy is a free downloadable application for Windows to copy or move files. It is an alternative to the default Windows copy/move operation with several additional features, compared to the default Windows copying process.

First, copying with Schizocopy is much faster than the default process. Second, it supports a backup option in case your copy/move operation is interrupted during the process. As it quite often happens in Windows, when you are moving files and the process is interrupted, some files are moved and others are copied, but you can’t know for sure, especially in cases when copying large amount of files at once. With Schizocopy, even if interrupted you can always resume the copying process and be sure that the files have been copied/moved successfully between the source and the destination.

To try it out, download it from their website and install on your PC. Then simply drag and drop the file(s) or the folder(s) you want to copy/move onto the program window. Once selected, all the files and folders will be imported into the program. Next, select an operation to perform – Move or Copy, select the destination and click “OK” to start the operation.

If you want the program to consume less resources while you are doing another task at the same time (e.g. playing a game) enable the Silent Mode.

116   SchizoCopy: Faster & More Secure Utility For Copying & Moving Files [Windows]

115   SchizoCopy: Faster & More Secure Utility For Copying & Moving Files [Windows]


  • Simple, fast and powerful.
  • Faster than the default Windows copying process.
  • Backup (copy/move) operation in case of interruption.
  • Pause and resume operations.
  • Silent Mode – consumes less computer resources during operation.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Supports Multithreading and multiprocessing.

Check out SchizoCopy @  (via Ilovefreesoftware)

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Reminds me a lot of TeraCopy. I should probably try one or the other, I’ve run into many situations where being able to pause and resume a file transfer would be a great feature to have when moving large sessions.
As a side note, I love using Microsoft SyncToy to clone my drives because I can stop it halfway through and then resume it later when I have time.

Morne van Heerden

I prefer TeraCopy.


ya..but teracopy does not support for resume copying process during in case of power off or system faliure or any kind of unexpected shutdown process


It has an unique option for “Backup support” in case of unexpected shutdown or System exit you can always resume your ongoing Copy/Move operations.

Saikat Basu

Also, TeraCopy shows the failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only the problem files.


Yeah…but TeraCopy don’t resume copying ..It just starts recopying any files right from the start if it shows failed file transfers..but in SchizoCopy case it simply resumes file copying process right from the point where it was stopped in case of failed file transfers just like bit-torrent..