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schedule emails for laterGmail is in ingenious tool for managing emails. Much of what it is lacking per default, is covered by Gmail Labs apps or browser add-ons. Boomerang is a browser add-on available for Chrome that let’s you schedule emails for later. Boomerang is the perfect tool to keep your inbox clear, yet never forget to send or act on an important email.

Boomerang’s scheduling features can be used in many different ways. Do you often forget birthdays? With Boomerang, you can schedule anniversary emails to be sent on just the right day. Or do you often have to follow up on specific emails you sent or received? Instead of adding a task to your calendar, you can schedule the respective email to return to your inbox at a desired date. Simply put, Boomerang can help you maintain good relationships, both in business and in private.

Setting Up Boomerang for Chrome

Boomerang installs like any other browser add-on for Chrome. Simply click Install Boomerang on their website or Add To Chrome in the Chrome Web Store. Once installed successfully, it will show at the top of your Gmail interface, between the search bar and your login details.

schedule emails for later

By clicking the Boomerang menu item, you can access an overview of your scheduled messages (manage scheduled messages) and a How To, which walks you through the different features in five steps, including optional demo videos. If you would like to get an idea before installing the addon, watch the YouTube video below or read the rest of this article.


Send Later

One of Boomerang’s key features is to schedule emails for later at a desired date. When you compose an email, you will see the Send Later button right next to Gmail’s Send button. Clicking it will open a menu with a few default time choices, as well as the option to set a specific or random time.

schedule emails later

Boomerang This Message (Send)

This feature is what actually gives the add-on its name. When sending an email, you can set it to return to your inbox as a reminder, for example if nobody has responded by a certain date or even if somebody has responded by then. Simply check the Boomerang this message option, select the reminder mode and date, and send the email as you normally would.

schedule emails later

Boomerang This Message (Received)

Almost the same feature is available for emails you have received. If you neither want to forget an important email, nor want it to clutter up your inbox, rather than archiving it and setting a task on your calendar, you can now archive it safely and set Boomerang to return it to your inbox on a specific date. To do this, click the Boomerang button in the far right of your email control buttons. Clicking the button will bring up the same type of calendar shown in previous screenshots.

schedule emails later

In some emails, Boomerang recognizes a date, for example in Facebook birthday reminders. In that case, an additional scheduling option comes up, which allows you to schedule a reminder relative to a specific date, e.g. 2 hours before, the morning of, or the day after.

schedule emails for later

Free vs. Paid

The free basic version is limited to 10 actions per month. There are two paid versions available, one for personal use, which includes notes, and another for professional use, which includes mobile support and recurring messages.


I use Boomerang regularly to schedule emails for later, and have it installed for both Chrome and Firefox. It works flawlessly with Chrome. It has saved me many headaches and helps to keep my inbox tidy and myself organized. I can no longer imagine running Gmail without Boomerang and hence I highly recommend this add-on.

Have you used Boomerang and have you become an addict as well? What do you think?

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