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When you go out, you cannot decide which bar to visit before checking what the bar’s crowd is like. The only way to find this out is by actually visiting the bar. But an upcoming app called SceneTap will help you find out the demographics of bars without you visiting them.

demographics of bars

SceneTap is an upcoming iOS application that will monitor participating bars through cameras it has placed in them. The demographics information will be anonymous so as not to compromise the privacy of people in the bar. Data such as age range and gender of a bar’s visitors will all be present in the app and updated in real time.


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Helps determine which bar to go to.
  • Monitors bar demographics and displays them in real time.
  • Includes gender, age range, and other demographics.
  • Similar tools: Noctur, Outalot and TrustedOpinion.

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