Scan Documents On Your Phone With CamScanner [Android & iPhone]

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scan documents with iphoneWhen it comes to smartphones, many of us want to be able to use them to do all manner of useful home office tasks just to make our lives easier. So it’s a phone, a camera, a handy email client, social networking centre and all the rest. But what about a scanner? Well, it can do that extremely well too.

CamScanner is an exceptional application designed to make high quality document scanning easy for you using your smartphone. It’s really quite sophisticated, making it easy to scan multiple pages into one document or to auto-crop the image to exactly what you wish to keep.

Get The Application

The CamScanner application is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. It’s free to test an ad-supported, limited version and $4.99 to buy the fully functional Android application. Give it a go and see what you think!

Quickstart Guide

If you ever need a quick rundown through the various features of CamScanner, there is a handy Quickstart guide to talk you through it. All of the features are explained there with simple diagrams to ensure easy comprehension. You should have no problems scanning multiple pages into one document, adding or deleting pages, creating PDF files or uploading to the cloud. The quickstart guide can help you recall anything you’ve forgotten about.

scan documents with iphone

Creating CamScanner Images

CamScanner allows you to take new photos for document scanning or to import images from photos already in your photo collection. When you take photos using CamScanner the anti-shake capture will assist in getting you the best possible image.

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Later, the processed images you created with CamScanner can be saved back into your photo collection if you wish.

scan documents with android

Use CamScanner to capture pages, book covers, receipts, whiteboards, billboards, posters and more.

Automatic Enhancements

CamScanner will automatically suggest cropping the image to the obvious edges of the document and will automatically enhance the image colour for you. At any time down the track you can re-process your images and make adjustments.

scan documents with android

Scanning Multiple Pages Into One Document

Any time you start a new document and move to adding a page from camera view you’ll see that there’s a sliding option to take just one photograph or a collection of photographs for the one document. Once your page images are captured you can easily re-order the pages and delete or add pages.

scan documents with android

Tagging Documents

CamScanner lets you tag your documents in order to keep track of them easily.

scan documents with mobile

Viewing Documents

Documents created with CamScanner can be viewed in detail via the CamScanner application, which makes it easier to read text on the scanned pages than if you were to use the camera application to view them.

Creating PDF Documents

With a touch of a button any image or collection of images in CamScanner can be converted into a PDF.

Email Or Upload To Cloud

From viewing any CamScanner document, the file can be emailed or uploaded to the cloud. Cloud options include Dropbox, and Google Docs, so it’s easy to make use of these CamScanner files elsewhere.

scan documents with iphone

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Does CamScanner solve your scanning needs? If not, what else do you need a scanning application to do?

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Brad Kuhn

I’ve been using camscanner for over a year for expense receipts and it works great.  It’s as simple as taking the picture, letting camscanner crop it (it’s generally pretty accurate), and then use the built in share mechanism to push it to my expenses folder in my DropBox account.  Works like a champ.

Angela Alcorn

Good to hear. :)


Please let me know how to send fax through CamScanner. Thanks in advance.

Angela Alcorn

You can’t fax directly from CamScanner, but you could email it to a faxing service or use a fax program to fax the PDF generated by CamScanner.


Rana alok

I want to know that which android phone is supported the camscanner android application.And how i can operate.



Je ne sais pas ce que c est que pdf ce qu avait B à Taradeau mais là Éric m a confirmé que je ne l ai pas . Mon ordi la pointe de la technologie sait faire bcp choses tout seul , il suffit que je tâtonne et j en découvrirais les capacités .


nur aida

gimana yaa cara memindahkan dokumen dari pjg ke pdf ??


nur aida

gimana yaa cara memindahkan dokumen jpg ke pdf ????



superbe application. elle facilite les choses. merci pour les crĂ©ateurs. juste une question j’ai invitĂ© 5 ou 6 personnes pour utiliser Camscanner mais mon cloud n’a pas Ă©tĂ© augmenter comme dit. merci de me rĂ©pondre

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