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For whatever reason it may be, knowing who’s been checking out your Facebook profile has arguably been one of the most sought after features on the social network. For this reason, it’s no surprise that someone has thought of using that to their advantage. The latest scam to force its way into an arena that is already riddled with privacy trainwrecks ironically gained access to tens of thousands of profiles, using people’s desire to know exactly who has been spending time looking at their profile

The rogue application, ePrivacy, has been making its rounds on the social network for the past few days, posting the following message to user’s profiles:


The link, once clicked, leads to a standard application permission page, which may have lulled some into a sense of security, because it looked familiar.

According to Sophos, at least 60,000 people were quick to fall for the trick, and actually granted ePrivacy permission to access their profiles. The permission included access to basic profile information, ability to post to user’s walls, and even manage pages that you happen to run.



The fact that so many people were more than willing to grant a random application permission to access their private information goes to show that awareness of privacy issues on Facebook is hardly a priority for some.

Luckily revoking access to your profile is as simple as going into your Account Settings. Go to Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites and remove ePrivacy from your profile.

To make sure that your profile is secure, download MakeUseOf’s Unofficial Facebook Privacy Manual for all the tips and tricks you need to stay safe on Facebook.

Via TechCrunch

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  1. mocona
    November 30, 2010 at 4:20 am

    I say that facebook should make the real application for everyone already.. I don't know why they seems don't care about it.