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Another group of malicious people have started a new Facebook scam that will spam your poor unsuspecting friends with wall posts and constant annoyances. Chances are, you will stumble across this scam via a friend who themselves fell for it. You may see a wall post or message that “tells” you how many people viewed your Facebook profile today. It will also give you the number of male and female viewers.

Of course, it is impossible for the app to grant you this information as Facebook does not allow developers to get access to any data on visitors to a specific profile. This does not prevent people from being interested in such a feature, and when an app like this comes along promising to deliver, people are far too quick to install.

Keep in mind that spamming your friends is only part of what an app such as this can do. When you sign up for a Facebook app you are granting them access to your personal information, and from there, one can only guess what they are actually doing with it.

If you already installed this app, you can lessen any damage by uninstalling it as soon as possible. Click the triangle on the top right of any Facebook page, click account settings and then apps. From here, you will be able to uninstall this app, which will be called “profile viewer,” from your profile.

Anytime you see an app promising you information regarding who has viewed your page, note that it is probably a scam and you should not grant it access to your personal data.


Source: Facecrooks

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