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communicate real time webCollaborating with others online seems to be getting easier every month. We have seen many excellent applications The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate with Your Team The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate with Your Team Small teams don't need expensive enterprise apps for collaboration. Here are six fantastic tools that you can use to manage your team's data, communication, and more. For free. Read More that surface the web with the aim to bridge the gap between team members working online. Just in the last two months, we encountered for example, a highly capable project manager, FreedCamp, and five different group-friendly brainstorming apps 5 Different Ways to Generate Ideas Using Brainstorming Apps 5 Different Ways to Generate Ideas Using Brainstorming Apps Read More .

Today, we’ll take a look at an application that makes sure that the most important thing about working in groups (communication) is done right, and in an organized fashion. Sazneo is a powerful communication service that allows team members to more effectively share information, placing heavy emphasis on making real-time conversations easier to track.

Why Try Sazneo?

It’s a much smarter way to handle multiple conversations than using back-and-forth email or forums. While it’s a form of real-time messaging tool that at first you might think is like instant messaging, Sazneo is a far more professional and secure solution for teams.

Perhaps best of all, Sazneo offers a free plan where users can have up to 5 channels (think of them as chat rooms), unlimited users, and 100 MB storage per company for file-sharing. Since Sazneo is web-based and there’s nothing to download, it’s pretty much effortless for teams to give Sazneo a try. To sign up, head here and register with your company email address. Users that have only free email addresses provided by Gmail or MSN will have to be invited by existing members.

How Sazneo Is Organized

communicate real time online

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll notice that Sazneo has an easy-to-use interface with multiple discussions cleanly organized by topics on the left sidebar, while the actual conversation is displayed in the central panel.

real time chat

With this service, you can have group discussions with other team members as well as clients or users from other companies. You can also have private conversations (1-to-1 chat) with single team members. Whenever someone in your group discussion logs off, he or she can still catch up with what was missed the next time on the next login, thanks to chronological backchat record.

real time group chat

This means all active conversations are stored and thus, searchable. When you have an inactive channel though, you can export the content of that channel as an HTML file for archiving before disabling it.

real time collaboration

You can also share files, like documents and images, which will be listed in a separate widget for quick reference, as well as inserted in the channel. Images can be previewed by channel members as they are loaded onto the conversation stream.

real time chat rooms


Not only can you organize all conversations in a single place in your browser, but you can keep track of and continue your multiple discussions on the go, with the iPhone-optimized mobile site at

real time chat rooms

What’s nice is that the service will have your unread message count synced between your desktop and mobile phone.

Sazneo also offers a desktop notifier for Windows that helps you stay updated on conversations without the need to keep your browser open, and lets you receive system tray notifications alerting you of conversation activity (though you can of course, change alerting preferences).

communicate real time web

Overall, Sazneo does a nice job of unifying communication with team members in a way that sometimes we wished the conventional methods of email and IM could.

What does your company or team use to communicate in real time remotely?

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